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I am grateful for you being here. I believe nothing happens by accident. You were meant to be here, at this moment for a reason. I’m Shanice & I am a Jay Shetty Certified Peace, Purpose & Happiness Coach.

To help fill hearts with real peace, true purpose & pure happiness.

To leave a legacy of love, hope & kindness.

To serve from the heart.

From a young age, I always felt I had been called for something wonderful.
Something special, full of love, warmth & greatness. I could feel it in all the places that felt like home. I just didn’t know what it was.

Growing up, I was different to everyone else. Not because of my calling, but because I was small. The popular questions were “why are you so small?” or “why is your head so tiny?” My response would always be “I was born small. God made me this way” & honestly, even at such a young age, I was never ashamed of it. I found myself embracing my uniqueness & felt power in it.

I learned to love myself through the eyes & hearts of the people who truly loved me: my family – my very first definition of love. The more I say the word love, I realise how much love is & has been such a beautiful part of my story. Love is who I am. It’s what I’ve felt my whole life. Love is what I want to pour into others.

At the age of 6, I experienced my first loss of a loved one. My Brother. He taught me the importance of moments & memories. To embrace every second of life. At 14, my Dad passed away from a heart attack. He taught me to aim higher & to follow my dreams. 9 years later, my Grandad & real-life hero lost his battle to cancer. He taught me the importance of God, kindness, humbleness & my worth. The difficult moments. The beautiful moments. The lessons. The love. They shaped me.

I became the first in my family to attend college, the first to gain a degree & the first to land a management job. I was proud of my achievements, but something was missing. Somewhere over the years, wrapped up in society, I stopped following my dreams. I stopped believing my passions were possible. I stopped aspiring & started settling for what I was ‘supposed’ to do. I got it wrong & God was about to prove it.

In 2019, the pandemic hit. I lost my career, status, money & the luxuries I had grown used to. It was tough financially & mentally, but it was nothing compared to the joy that was coming. In the sadness, stillness & nakedness, I found peace, purpose & happiness. God removed everything I thought I wanted & replaced it with everything I needed: a peace that surpasses all understanding, a purpose that serves from the heart & happiness that is SO real.

So, do you see? God made me for this. I’m made to help you find your true peace, purpose & happiness – just as I found mine.

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